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Saltcellars: Tiny Masterpieces

The Cracow Saltworks Museum has been collecting saltcellars since 1973; recently, attention has primarily been focused on valuable and exceptional items. Currently, the collection has approx. 1000 exhibits, spanning the the period from the early 16th to the modern times.

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Archaeological exhibition

located in the original castle cellars. It presents the history of settlement in Wieliczka and its neighbouring region (from the Middle Stone Age to the Middle Ages), a maquette showing the Central Castle in its initial period of existence and the history of the place in photographs.

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Gothic room

Gothic Hall with portraits of mine administrators and unique architecture for medieval secular buildings – a vault supported in the center on a pillar – this fine interior is a place of many cultural events, such as concerts or conferences and meetings, as well as weddings.

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Mine strongbox

This strongbox weighing 1.5 tonnes was bought by the Saltworks in 1910 from a renowned producer in Lwów (now Lviv), and was used to keep accounting documents until 1970s. The heaviest and largest exhibit in the Saltworks Castle and one of few examples of its original equipment.

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