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Studies and Materials for the History of the Saltworks in Poland

“Studia i Materiały do Dziejów Żup Solnych w Polsce” (“Studies and Materials for the History of Saltworks in Poland”) – academic periodical

The academic periodical entitled “Studies and Materials for the History of Saltworks in Poland”, in publication since 1965, is the only Polish and one of few international periodicals devoted exclusively to salt working, its history and culture. Since the very beginning, “Studies and Materials…” has been used for the presentation of academic accomplishments of the Museum employees. Outstanding external experts in various areas of salt-related studies are also heartily invited to publish their work in the periodical. To date, thirty three volumes of the periodical have been published, including synthetic and source studies related to the broadly-understood history of salt-working in the Polish lands, along with doctoral and habilitation dissertations in the area of geology, archaeology and history of salt-working. The periodical also presents the results of studies pursued by the Museum’s employees and authors affiliated with other scientific and research institutions. Comprehensive use of source materials allowed the team of authors for in-depth presentation of all the significant aspects of salt-brewing and salt mining in Wieliczka and Bochnia. The published articles have supra-regional and multi-directional character, which has been accomplished thanks to the long-term cooperation with institutions of a similar profile, both in the country and abroad.   

“Studies and Materials for the History of Saltworks in Poland” is indexed at: ICI Journals Master List 2017,  Index Copernicus, POL-index, PBN, CEJSH.

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The Cracow Saltworks Museum in Wieliczka conducts publishers’ activities since its establishment. The first museum publication was the guide titled “Wieliczka Historical Objects” (1960) written by Alfons Długosz, the then director of the Museum.

Publication of results of large-scale archaeological research projects in separate journals of the series “Archaeological research conducted by the Cracow Saltworks Museum” began soon thereafter. Numerous search queries and results of advanced and innovative (in those times) methods of research into the history of Cracow Saltworks and geology of the Wieliczka salt deposit were published in the first volume of “Studies and Materials to the History of Saltworks in Poland” in 1965. Following volumes contained synthetic and source studies into the history of salt-making in Poland, including doctoral theses on geology, archaeology and history of salt making. The “Studies...” are published annually and present scientific achievements of both researchers from the Museum and leading external experts.

An important category of publications includes catalogues of collections, numerous art books and conference summaries. The list of publications includes monographs of fundamental importance for our institution, e.g. “History of Cracow Saltworks”, “History of Wieliczka Saltworks”, “Wieliczka. History of the Town” and comprehensive studies into underground chapels. The publication offer of the Museum also includes frequently issued multi-lingual guides to permanent underground exhibitions and to the Tourist Route in the Wieliczka salt mine.

The history of salt making is popularized in numerous Museum publications, among others on mining technology, geology of salt deposits, the development of tourism and history of mining.

The range of topics that can be studied at the Museum covers multiple disciplines of knowledge, thus providing the researchers and scientists into broadly understood salt mining with various opportunities for carrying research projects; importantly, the Museum is open to cooperation with all external researchers and authors who are interested in salt making.

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