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The Society of Friends of Museum

Museum, in accordance with its statutory assumptions, specifically directs its activities to the local community, transferring in a variety of forms the accumulated knowledge about Wieliczka's past. Therefore, in December 1993, at the initiative of the Museum, the Society of Friends of the Krakow Saltworks Museum was established, bringing together all those interested in the history of the city, research conducted by the museum's academic staff and current cultural events. Magdalena Waśniowska-Nowak is the president of the Society.

Currently, the Society has over 100 members, for whom monthly meetings are organized (on the penultimate Wednesdays of the month) in the Wieliczka Saltworks Castle and integration and sightseeing tours.

The Society's meeting program for 2019

20.02 - "The operation of the Cracow Saltworks Museum in Wieliczka in 2018 and plans for 2019"
Director of the Cracow Saltworks Museum Wieliczka - Jan Godłowski

20.03 - "Salt in the Bible" - Remigiusz Wierzbicki

24/04 - "Fires in Wieliczka to 1914" - Iwona Pawłowska-Pich

22.05 - "Inventory of excavations of the historic area of ​​the Wieliczka Salt Mine in 2017-2018" - Marek Skubisz, Józef Charkot

19.06 - "Storytelling in cultural institutions" - Magdalena Waśniowska-Nowak

Summer break

18.09 - "Treatment in the Wieliczka Salt Mine - tradition and present day" - Magdalena Kostrzon, the Wieliczka Salt Mine Spa

23.10 - "Mining traditions" - Jadwiga Zadak

20/11 - General meeting of TPMŻKW members

18/12 - "In the light of light. Ways to illuminate houses, public spaces and mines at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries "- a lecture combined with a visit to the temporary exhibition - Urszula Mróz


President - Magdalena Waśniowska-Nowak
Vice President of Financial Affairs - Julian Kubik 
Vice President of Organizational - Affairs Melania Gurgul
Secretary - Agnieszka Trzepiotowska
Member of the board - Barbara Tworzydło
Member of the board - Magdalena Kopacz
Member of the board - Maria Gurgul