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Due to the ongoing renovation, the courtyard of the Saltworks Castle, the tower and the oldest mining shaft are excluded from sightseeing.

The castle is a 4-minute walk from the Salt Mine.

Box office

The Museum shop and box offices are located outside the courtyard near Saltworks Garden. The shop offers publications and original souvenirs from Wieliczka, and tickets to the exhibitions hosted in the Castle.


Tower (14th century) the only facility of this type preserved in Medieval urban fortifications. During the reign of Casimir the Great, the city was surrounded with walls with two gates and nineteen towers. Currently, the tower is open to tourists. Inside it is possible to see photographs presenting its former and current appearance. The windows provide a view onto the castle and a panorama of Wieliczka.


The oldest mining shaft in Wieliczka from the middle of the 13th century. Its floor projection is in the shape of a rectangle with dimensions of 3.4 m x 2.4 m. Its actual depth remains unknown (research was stopped at a depth of 7 m); it is assumed that its deepening was completed before it reached the salt deposit.

Defence Wall

Defence Wall from the end of the 13th century.

Saltworks kitchen

Saltworks kitchen (15th century): the walls of the first “mass catering facility” were reconstructed in the castle courtyard; the administrators of the Saltworks and the salt buyers who transported it over land received free meals here.

Saltworks garden

Saltworks garden a representative green area for the Castle, established in the 16th century; in the Saxon times, it was transformed into an Italian style garden.
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