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The Tourist Route

First direct contact of a tourist with the Wieliczka salt mine usually includes coming down through the Daniłowicz Shaft and moving past the Tourist Route.
Walking through chambers and corridors, the visitors become familiar with the history of the mine and see the wonders of its underground world. A visit to the St. Kinga Chapel represents the high point of excursion for many visitors: the chapel is located 101 metres under ground and gives a strong impression both by its monumental scale and numerous components of interior design carved in salt. Brine lakes represent another attraction on the Tourist Route. One of them has been arranged as a space for a unique sound and light show with music composed by Frédéric Chopin. After moving past the Tourist Route, the visitor is given the opportunity to set off for the Museum Trail that also features unique treasures of mining culture and underground nature.
The Tourist Route is located on the first three levels of the mine. Sightseeing of the 2.2 kilometer long Trail takes about 1.5 hours.
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