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The interiors of the Saltworks Castle not only feature beautiful chambers and charming basements but also host temporary and permanent exhibitions, including the collection of salt cellars considered one of the most valuable in the world.

The Exhibition of Salt-Cellars: Tiny Masterpieces

The exhibition is arranged in two rooms and features world-class containers for spices, principally salt cellars. The objects originate from the best goldsmith workshops and porcelain factories, and include examples of goldsmith, ceramic and glass arts, items made from other materials, such as ivory, stone, mother of pearl.
The salt cellars from the Wieliczka Museum were produced in numerous countries on various continents and represent many styles beginning with Gothic, Baroque, Classicism, Art Nouveau, ending with Art Deco. The collection is counted among the most valuable in the world

Gothic room

Termed the ”Municipal room” in the past, it is the most glamorous chamber in the Saltworks Castle, with a rib vault resting on one column. Built in the late 14th century, reconstructed in the 17th century. Casimir the Great who appreciated the importance of Cracow Saltworks introduced the custom of annual royal visits to the Castle. The Gothic Chamber features portraits of saltworks managers, administrative workers and officials involved in operations of the salt-making enterprise.

The Strongbox

This strongbox weighing 1.5 tonnes was bought by the Saltworks in 1910 from a renowned producer in Lwów (now Lviv), and was used to keep accounting documents until 1970s. The heaviest and largest exhibit in the Saltworks Castle and one of few examples of its original equipment.

Archaeological exhibition

The exhibition is on view in the original basements of the Castle. It illustrates the history of settlement in Wieliczka and surrounds from the middle Stone Age until Middle Ages and features 3D animations of Saltworks Castle development stages. The Treasure of Prague groschen represents one of the most interesting finds.
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