location Saltworks Castle courtyard
DATE 10 July - 1 September 2019
The exhibition namedGermans and Soviets – repressions against Polish citizens during World War II shows the atrocities of persecution of Polish citizens during World War II. We can observe a terrifying picture of terror systematically used in a surprisingly similar way by both aggressors: Germans and Soviets,
The exhibition draws attention to cooperation between Gestapo and NKVD in the initial phase of World War II, massive and brutal repressions: murders of Polish government and intellectual elites, the Katyn massacre, concentration camps, the Holocaust, forced labour, evictions and deportations, fight with the Polish resistance movement, pacification actions, and finally the liquidation of Polish underground state structures after repeated invasion of Poland by Soviets in 1944.
Poland suffered the greatest property and population losses among the states affected by military actions during World War II. Estimated 6 million citizens (including 2.7–2.9 million of Jewish origin) were killed and murdered. The population of Poland in 1946 was reduced by 11.2 million people compared to 1939. Population losses resulted from military actions and terror used by the invaders, expulsions and deportations, domestic migration and emigration, forced changes of nationality due to the redefinition of state borders after the War.
The exhibitions are organized by the Cracow Saltworks Museum in Wieliczka with the participation of historians from the Jagiellonian University and in partnership with the National Digital Archives.