Department of Mining Material Culture

The Department conducts scientific research regarding the history of salt mining and the development of mining technology and salt-processing technology. It organises penetration works in the historic pits of the salt mines in Wieliczka and Bochnia. On the basis of the collected inventory materials and historical sources, documents are prepared in the form of historical and conservation studies for renovation and protection works.
The Metal Conservation Workshop operates within the structure of the Department.

The department cares for the following collections:

Cartography (maps of the mine and the city)
Mining Technology (past-time mining machinery and tools, lighting equipment, devices for drainage and ventilation of the mine)
Study Work
Currently conducted study work concerns:

the vacuum salt works in Wieliczka (1913 – 2003)
the history of the Wieliczka salt mine between the years 1945 – 1996
the chapels under the calling of the Holy Cross in the Musk chamber and by the Geramb walkway in the Wieliczka mine
Wieliczka urbanization (18th – 20th centuries.)
Preparation of biographic entries of veteran miners


Marek Skubisz – department manager
+48 12 289 16 22

Urszula Mróz
+48 12 289 16 22

Mateusz Gil
+48 12 289 16 22