The Saltworks Castle, Salt Mine, library and archive are closed until further notice
Summer meetings at the courtyard of the Castle are a true feast for connoisseurs of classical music. Year by year, the musical genius of the Austrian conductor, violinist and composer brings together hundreds of people who listen to his music performed by modern musicians.
The Castle courtyard will be filled with sounds of classical compositions performed by the “Obligato” Strauss Orchestra conducted by Jerzy Sobeńko. The artists, the scene arranged in the fashion of the old Viennese garden and Johann Strauss looking from a big screen will make sure that the guests  “will be transferred” to the world of the 19th century Vienna where waltzes, polkas and marches reigned.


25.08.2019 // at 4.00. pm in Alfons Długosz chamber in the Salt Mine
Katarzyna Ignatowicz – soprano
Aleksander Martinez – tenor

29.09.2019 // at 4.00. pm in Alfons Długosz chamber in the Salt Mine 
Monika Biederman-Pers – soprano
Aleksandra Górecka – mezzosoprano
Joanna  Janiszewska – soprano
Piotr Karzełek – tenor


In Alfons Długosz chamber in the Salt Mine 45 PLN

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