Geology Department

The Geology Department cares for acquisition of salt rock specimens, both mono-mineral and poly-mineral, as well as rocks associated with and present in regions of Miocene and upper Periman salt beds. The department’s collections include various paleobotanical specimens along with their modern counterparts, as well as paleozoological findings. Primarily gathered are specimens from the beds in Wieliczka and Bochnia. The department stores documentation of underground geological positions as well as interesting revelations on the surface. Gathered are materials associated with development of bed studies and knowledge. The department cares for geological exhibits located on the III level of the mine.
Current Studies and Plans

There were studies conducted on the genesis, geological structure, and exploitation of the Wieliczka bed. Assumed were issues of post-exploitation depressions in Wieliczka. Studied were fossilized flora and fauna within the bed.

In the past, there were penetrations of underground pits conducted, which documented the more valuable positions.

The bed study results are reflected in scientific referrals, time exhibits, and articles located in the History of Salt Mines in Poland Studies and Materials, issued by the Krakow Mine Museum. Issued were short guides regarding characteristics of the Wieliczka bed.

Lately conducted have been studies of the fossilized Miocene flora, updating of the geological stations located within the district of Wieliczka. Constantly assumed is the problem of development of opinions concerning the bed’s creation in the historical aspect, based on written and cartographic sources.

Planned is the preparation of the collection catalogue, further penetration, publishing of study results, as well as exposure activity.


Rafał Zadak – department manager
+48 12 289 16 25

Agnieszka Prytek