Archaeological Department

Archaeological Department conducts studies and gathers relicts of former cultures, inhabitants of the terrains currently occupied by Wieliczka and Bochnia, as well as exploration and excavation work in the field of prehistoric salt making. The results of these studies are prepared and published by the department in science and popular science magazines.
Study Work:
The department of archaeology is currently conducting study work associated with preparation of archaeological materials acquired during excavation work conducted during this season on the following stations:
The cemetery near the no longer existing Holy Cross Church (between the middle and modern ages) – St. 1 in Wieliczka.
The multi-cultural settlement (the Neolithic and Bronze ages) – St. 112 in Wieliczka.
The Neolithic settlement of Lendziel culture – St. 9 in Lednica Gorna.

Currently conducted are preparations to change the exhibit: “Prehistoric and Early Middle Ages Salt Making” in the Russeger III chamber, as well as the exhibit “Primeval History of Wieliczka” in the Mine Castle.

Educational Activities:
Salt evaporation presentations in the courtyard of the Mine Castle.
Archaeology-themed lectures.
Participation in the field happenings: Salt Holiday, Archaeological Fest in Biskupin.


Jarosław M. Fraś – department manager
12 289 16 15

Ewelina Kolebuk
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Katarzyna Lajs-Klose
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