To Wieliczka by Stagecoach, or from the memories of English-speaking travelers price: 29.00 PLN ENABLE The book introduces, in Polish, little or no English descriptions of the Wieliczka mine from the 18th and 19th centuries. For centuries, the salt mine in Wieliczka has been an extremely strong magnet attracting various travelers - writers, scientists, aristocrats and representatives of intellectual elites. As a world attraction, shrouded in legends, it was mysterious and not very accessible.

The underground vision that emerges from travelers' descriptions is interesting, fascinating ... sometimes - it amuses - and at the same time is a source of knowledge about the old world, customs, culture, as well as about many forgotten, historical details of the mining landscape. It is also an opportunity to look at the mine from the perspective of various interesting personalities from a different cultural area and era.

Accounts of the stay in the Wieliczka mine vary greatly, both in form and content - from a fairy tale-parable (E.S.Craven Green) to strictly scientific descriptions (e.g. J.R.Kohl or G.Townson). Sometimes the author describes his experiences dryly and matter-of-factly (like Dr. Peschier), and sometimes he penetrates deeply and deeply, in a broader perspective, into other sciences (like E. Darwin, B. Taylor or L. Stephens).

release year 2017
text, Polish, English
pages: 288
paper: chalk