It was an amazing day full of joy and incredible fun despite the rain! On Sunday, the courtyards of the Saltworks Castle were buzzing with the sounds of chatter and mining bands, transporting guests back to the early days of the saltworks.
Participants enjoyed the opportunity to test their skills in traditional crafts – every stand was surrounded by crowds of the curious, as were the educational activities and the now traditional zip line descent from the 14th century tower.


The Salt Festival attracts visitors from all over Poland who come to Wieliczka especially for this colourful event. In spite of the capricious weather and a break of several years, the festival was attended by 5998 people!


And a few more numbers:

As many as 265 brave children tried the zip line descent!
205 salt cellars were artistically painted
10 kilograms of salt dough were used
A large group of people acquired new skills
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