Our Museum has recently purchased outstanding works of goldsmiths and porcelain.
They come from American, German and Austrian collections, but also with Krakow family collections. Many of them were exhibited at the most important international shows in New York or Maastricht during the world's largest TEFAF art fair. They were bought there by the Cracow Saltworks Museum with the participation of funds. 

Show acquisitions on the floor of the Wieliczka castle is planned as variable to be able to display all significant exhibits. As soon as situation will allow, visitors will be able to admire: a magnificent set of 6 figurines of porcelain miners from the oldest porcelain manufactory of the decision (Meissen, around the 18th century), Two specimens of unique silver Latin American salt cellars from the Baroque era (raised in Peru and Guatemala). Such sets rarely behaved in their entirety. Augsburg goldsmiths who made it were famous for their product in the world.