This year marks the 120th anniversary of the birth of Alphonse Dlugosz, founder of the Museum. This indefatigable enthusiast of Wieliczka, an excellent photographer, visionary and social activist, led to the rescue of many valuable relics from the abandoned chambers of the Salt Mine.
His opus magnum, was the creation of a modern museum in 14 chambers of the Salt Mine, protecting priceless relics of Wieliczka miners: giant mining machines, equipment, crystals and works of art. Many of the exhibits were obtained by Dlugosz through painstaking searches in old, forgotten chambers.

On the occasion of the anniversary of Dlugosz's birth, we invite you to watch the documentary film "Passion from the Depths of the Earth. Alphonse Dlugosz and his life's work".  The film is a record of memories of former Museum employees: Elżbieta Kalwajtys, Michał Kaszowski, Wojciech Faruzel, Tadeusz Janisz, Bolesław Gawron, as well as Jadwiga Duda and Museum Director Jan Godłowski.

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