The Saltworks Castle, Salt Mine, library and archive are closed until further notice
location MINE
DATE 17 May - 9 October 2019
The exhibition features matter painting, collages, assemblages and other interesting painting techniques, impressing by their imaginative force and sophisticated colours. The exhibition can be visited from 17 May to 1 October 2019.
The salt mine in Wieliczka has attracted artists and inspired their brilliant ideas for centuries. This time, the Museum invited to its chambers in the mine the participants in the scientific and artistic project “Memories of the Sea”. The project was initiated by an inter-university artistic workshop earlier this year. 
More than 80 students and academic teachers from Kraków’s artistic academies took part in the project. Most of them focused on associations with the eponymous sea. The world created by elements – the salt-bearing sea that a dozen million years ago evaporated in sun and wind aroused their keen interest. Open-air activities resulted in numerous artistic concepts.

Architecture students created futuristic projects dedicated to the huge space of Maria Teresa II Chamber. They designed multi-purpose architectural structures inspired by the concept of “vertical farming”. Young learners of arts created diversified realistic and abstract compositions inspired by observations of underground phenomena and forms of salt crystallization.
The nature, technology and arts merged in the post-industrial space of the mine as a result of joint initiative undertaken by the Cracow Saltworks Museum in Wieliczka, the Academy of Fine Arts, the Pedagogical University and Technical University in Cracow.