The Saltworks Castle, Salt Mine, library and archive are closed until further notice
location Museum Mine and Castle
DATE 1 August 2019 THURSDAY
hour 09:00 am - 03:00 pm
The Krakow Saltworks Museum Wieliczka invites you to European Heritage Days on September 14, 2019 from 9.00-15.00 to the Saltworks Castle and the Museum exhibition on the 3rd level of the Wieliczka Salt Mine. Visiting the Museum, being in a UNESCO World Heritage Site, will be an opportunity to learn and admire the treasures of Polish analysis. Free entrance.
Referring to the theme of this year's publication of the European Heritage Days "Polish Weave", a program has been prepared to popularize the comparison of this aspect of Polish history. The meeting in the Saltworks Castle included a lecture combined with the presentation of mining uniforms and an interesting multimedia show "HRDINA", which will show what a tour of the Wieliczka mine looked like in 1860. The show was based on the accounts of the American traveler John Ross Browne, and the mine is represented by drawings and lithographs made by brothers Jan and Ludwik Hrdinów.

The program of the event will also include a screening of the film "Lost Museum".
Children will take part in the "Mały Górnik" educational classes. Share in the castle courtyard you will be able to see the temporary exhibition "People of Polish Culture".

The exhibitions of the Museum in the salt mine and the temporary exhibition "Memory of the Sea" can be visited with a guide on the previous phone booking: 12 278 58 49, conducted from 10 September until all places are exhausted.
Entrance pickup and group collection at the Saltworks Castle, ul. Zamkowa 8.