DATE 8 March - 22 August 2021
The exhibition will feature 70 of the most interesting and valuable objects from the collections of the Wieliczka museum. Carefully selected exhibits will show the directions of interest and research of the Museum, the diversity of collections and collections. In this way, we will celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the Cracow Saltworks Museum in Wieliczka.
The presented objects come from the following collections: geological, archaeological, art & ethnographic, mining technology, cartography, archives and special collections. Among them: the Horn of the miners from 1534 (one of the most valuable objects in the Museum's collection, works by Władysław Skoczylas (a Polish watercolorist, woodcutter ans sculptor) an extremely valuable agate salt cellar from the end 15th century, but also the first in the collection of salt cellars - a wooden one, various specimens of salt - crystals, stalactites, prehistoric brine vessels and everyday objects, wood and salt sculptures, puppets from the crib from World War II made by the founder of the Museum Alfons Długosz, royal documents, old prints, personal book of the staff and a book of visitors to the mine. 

The authors of the exhibition scenario are: Dr. Barbara Konwerska and Marek Skubisz.
The exhibition was extended until September 19, 2021