Russegger VII chamber

The exhibition opened to the public in 1996 presents relicts of miners’ spiritual culture. Among the objects of cult transferred here from the underground chapels that date back to the 17th – 20th centuries, there is a collection of wooden sculptures representing Christ Crucified, a figure of Christ lying in the tomb, penance of Mary Magdalene (from the Bochnia Salt Mine), angels with candlesticks, figures of Bethlehem Crèche by J. Markowski and the following paintings: the Guardian Angel from 1691 in the style of the middle class, a figure of Christ Ecce Homo, and St Kinga from 1895.
The latter, which is an illustration for the legend of the discovery of salt, was painted by Ferdynand Olesiński, a disciple of Jan Matejko, and originally it was designed for the main altar of St. Kinga Chapel. In the chamber there are also works of some well-known miners and sculptors: Józef and Tomasz Markowski, Antoni Wyrodek and Mieczysław Kluzek.