Alfons Długosz chamber

This chamber was exploited at the turn of the 19th century in the largest block of green salt found by geologists in the Wieliczka mine that stretched from level I to level V. Originally its name was the Karol Stefan chamber, and then it received the name of the engineer Stefan Przanowski, the Minister of Trade and Industry, to commemorate his visit to the mine on 15 April 1921. The name was changed in 1976 on the first death anniversary of Alfons Długosz, and thus the chamber was named after the founder of the Cracow Saltworks Museum. An aluminum bas-relief “The Phantom” was made by the artist Bogumił Zagajewski in 1973.
The chamber with its two-level stage and impressive lighting is a modern concert hall where concerts, shows and parties are organized. It is conveniently situated near the Daniłowicz shaft.