The Saltworks Castle, Salt Mine, library and archive are closed until further notice

About us


Education about operations of museums is an important component of work of our Museum. The principal objective is to build relationships between the Museum and the public.
Comprehensive programmes, diversified forms and methods of education are addressed both to children, young people and adults, the elderly, families and people with disabilities. Educational workshops and sightseeing tours are organized both in the Saltworks Castle and in the underground exhibition on level III of the salt mine, objects entered in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Classes are based on permanent and temporary exhibitions, using interactive methods, historical clothing, exhibits, props and multimedia presentations. By teaching and playing, we promote cultural heritage and knowledge of history. Education at the Museum complements, extends and enriches school teaching programmes. The participants in classes learn history, arts, technology, ethnography, nature and other disciplines by contacts with original objects.
The meetings stimulate interests, develop creativity, promote team work. The Museum offers school and kindergarten groups a permanent programme of classes and participation in occasional projects, visual art and history competitions, concerts of the Cracow Philharmonics promoting music in the Gothic Chamber of the Saltworks Castle.

Families are invited to participate in monthly interactive workshops in the programme named “Mum, Dad and Me”.
The programme “A Senior in the Museum” is addressed to old people.
Education of people with disabilities as part of the programme “Museum Therapy” represents another important component of the Museum offer. Museum educators conduct classes in special schools at children’s hospitals, providing with education children and young people suffering from chronic and mental disorders. The “Museum Therapy” classes held in the Museum are attended by groups from therapeutic centres, special schools. occupational therapy workshops, nursing homes, etc. The classes are adapted to the individual needs of each group.

The events organized by the Museum, such as the “Salt Festival”, “Long Night of Museums”, “European Heritage Days” or temporary exhibitions in Castle chambers, courtyard and in the Museum 135 metres under ground offer valuable educational contents addressed to all groups of participants.

Those contents combined with innovative concepts of classes, professional skills of educators and affordable prices of participation make the offer of our Museum especially attractive.