Special Collection
Special Collection

Special Collection

The Special Collection is a group of various materials, both with respect to subject matter and technology of execution, separate from the library collection.

The Special Collection comprises: photographs and photographic negatives, albums, post-cards, typescripts, manuscripts, maps, atlases, special occasion publications and prints, posters, bills, reports, press cut-outs and varia.

Among the most precious items, both with respect to historical and documentary value, as well as artistic value, are:

  • A collection of old photographs taken by Awit Szubert (who took the oldest photo of the Wieliczka mine in 1892), Jan Czernecki, Władysław Gargul, Stanisław Mucha, Henryk Poddębski, presenting former buildings in Wieliczka, its inhabitants, cultural and political events in the city, salt mines in Wieliczka, Bochnia and around the world;
  • A collection of postcards (the oldest dating from 1900) and photography albums devoted to Wieliczka from the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century;
  • Special occasion diplomas, richly ornamented, often painted by hand, including the diploma of honorary citizenship for Leopold Płaziński, Wieliczka District Governor (1878), Tadeusz Piekarz, Cracow Voivode (1993), Cardinal Franciszek Macharski (1995), honorary membership of the Polish Gymnastics Association “Sokół” for the manager of the Saltworks Sylwery Miszke;
  • Diaries related with the history of the inhabitants of Wieliczka, including a very precious typescript by Franciszek Widomski.

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