Exhibition: Paintings by Ewa Hoppe-Nowicka

Welcome to the exhibition of paintings by Ewa Hoppe-Nowicka which can be seen at the Wieliczka Salt Mine Castle from June 27 to Sept. 14, 2014.

Living near Wieliczka, the artist has won awards and a scholarship of the Ministry of Culture and the Arts since her diploma at the Academy of Fine Arts in 1983. It is worth to see her latest works to find the views of structures associated with the mining architecture of Wieliczka. The industrial landscapes of shaft towers with a real tangle of latticeworks and scaffoldings emerge out of the interesting technique of collages, created from pieces of sheet metal, welded rods or printed and painted sheets.

Ewa Hoppe-Nowicka - wystawa w Muzeum Żup Krakowskich Wieliczka

The painter also offers a wonderful visual journey into different regions of the Mediterranean, presented through serene landscapes. Sunny towns, islands and olive groves, impressionistic in the way of capturing the passing moment, charm with their wealth of illuminated and vibrant colors. Paints are laid thickly and boldly, with the deliberate intention to reveal the art of painting and with the distinct pleasure of creation. Let us not be fooled by the effect of “unfinished” texture of oil paintings.

Their creation process was long and involved the application of overlapping successive layers and multiple overpaintings in the quest to capture the perfect composition. Their expression testifies to the affirmation of life, but also a return to the roots of creating “art for art’s sake”.


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