Exhibition: Sport in Wieliczka 19th and the 21st C

History of sport in Wieliczka, outstanding sport accomplishments of the city inhabitants on the national and international scale, sports organizations and clubs from the end of the 19th century to the modern times are presented at the exhibition entitled “Sport in Wieliczka between the 19th and the 21st Century” Additional attractions of the exhibition are “Meetings with the Master.”

Sport w Wieliczce XIX - XX wThe history of sport in Wieliczka begins in 1892 when the Polish Gymnastic Association “Sokół” was established. The motto of the organization was: “Healthy spirit in a healthy body” of Roman poet Decimus Junius Juvenalis. Gymnastics, cycling, tennis, football, volleyball and basketball have been the most popular areas of physical activity of the inhabitants of the mining city since the end of the 19th century. Later, there was also boxing, chess and motorcycle races.

Grzegorz Bohosiewicz, Muzeum Żup Krakowskich WieliczkaFascination with sports has lasted until the modern times; many inhabitants of Wieliczka who got involved in sports rivalry managed to have individual and team successes in Poland and abroad. The group of renowned sportsmen who live in Wieliczka includes footballers Adam Musiał and Kazimierz Kmiecik, who contributed to the winning the 3rd place during the World Football Championship in the Federal Republic of Germany in 1974, cyclist Tomasz Marczyński, representative of Poland during Olympic Games in Beijing in 2008, motorcyclists Tomasz Hajduk, a multiple champion of Poland in motorcycle trial, and Piotr Serek, who won prizes in classic motorcycle races in the country and abroad, as well as chess grandmaster Jan Krzysztof-Duda.  

The subject matter of sport in Wieliczka is illustrated by photos, chalices, medals, equipment and sport outfits and documents.

The exhibition can be viewed in the Saltworks Castle between 03.10.2014 and 31.03.2015.


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