Exhibition: Salt Around of the World in Photography

The salt has been present and important in the life of people as an agent for preserving food, a seasoning and a mineral used in the industry; it is also a unique element of the landscape and nature in the form of salt lakes, sea salterns and salt mines. This fact became an inspiration for organizing a photography contest entitled “Salt Around the World in Photography” by the Cracow Saltworks Museum Wieliczka.

Thanks to the competition, to which 391 photographs were submitted, it was possible

to create an image of salt around the world, whose elements are 76 salt locations in 34 countries: Australia, Austria, Bolivia, Chile, Croatia, Cyprus, Chad, Denmark, Ethiopia, France, Greece, Guinea, Spain, India, Israel, Jordan, Canada, Colombia, Madagascar, Germany, Peru, Poland, Republic of South Africa, Russia, Romania, Senegal, Slovakia, Slovenia, United States, Tunisia, Turkey, Great Britain and Italy.

From the multitude of photographs, the jury selected 140 best works for the exhibition, which show the uniqueness of salt landscapes, the magic of dark mines and the beauty of sun-filled sea salterns. The significance of salt in the life of people is emphasized by their presence in many of them. Especially worth attention are these where the employees show the former manners of procuring salt.

The amazing variety of salt locations results in the fact that viewing the exhibition becomes a fascinating journey across all continents in the world, visiting little known, but interesting nooks of the earth. It is worth realizing that there are many more of such places.


The best photographs You can find in the album which is now available.

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