Exhibition: Crockery sets from the collection of the Czartoryski family

The exhibition “The beauty of the table. Crockery sets from the collection of the Czartoryski family” provides insights into the richness of Polish table culture of the past centuries.

It takes you to an epoch in which expensive spoons were personally brought to the feast, and toasts were drunk from exquisite chalices, so-called “roztruchans” or “nautilus goblets”. Gold and silver plates with coats of arms served for eating, and similarly decorative cups, valuable mugs and unusual goblets – for drinking.

Thus, you may see here a 17th-c. “kovsh”, a “bratina”, and even an alleged hip flask carried by a French king during hunting trips, i.e. a small bottle hollowed out in a precious rock crystal and shaped like a bunch of grapes (16th c.). Keepsakes left after monarchs (a gilded plate of queen Constance, the wife of Sigismund III Vasa) and notable dignitaries are placed next to sophisticated chinaware from the classicism and empire style periods, used, among others, by the Czartoryski family in their countryside estate.

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