Exhibition: A ballad about amber from Lublin

The exhibition presents 31 oil paintings by Krystyna Rudzka-Przychoda, inspired by amber from Lublin, and about 200 specimens of amber, varying in size and beautiful to a different extent. The exhibition may be visited until 2nd September 2018 in the Salt Works Castle.

Surprisingly, amber may be found not only by the Baltic Sea. It turns out that the biggest deposit of amber, estimated at 1088 tons, was found in the area around Lublin and it became the subject of the exhibition. However, not only the location of its formation is striking – its cosmic connection also distinguishes the Lublin amber from other types of this material. This happened due to a meteorite that hit the deposit, creating an extremely rare magnetic amber.

The exhibition combines Lucjan Gajda’s (PhD) academic passion and the painter Krystyna Rudzka-Przychoda’s artistic charm. The paintings done by the artist illustrate the immense impact that the “Lublin gold” had on her artistic sense. What complements the exhibition are the extraordinary specimens of amber; the following can be seen: drops, icicles, dripstones, filling of spaces in stumps and amazing inclusions, i.e. specimens with parts of plants or insects “trapped” inside.

Among the exhibits there are also amber and sandstone impactites: rocks resulting from a collision of a meteorite with the Earth and objects made from amber, along with some pieces of information concerning the deposit near Lublin.

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