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Saltdiggers’ Horn from 1534

Saltdiggers' Horn from 1534This is a unique work of art of the Renaissance, which symbolises the former wealth of Krakow Saltworks. It is the only relic of this kind preserved in Poland – the original aurochs horn, set in silver manufactured with high precision in a variety of jewellery techniques. It weighs more than six pounds.

It was made in 1534 in Krakow, by order of Seweryn Boner, former salt works administrator. The horn is not only an excellent example of craftsmanship but also a valuable historical relic. It was one of the items of the Brotherhood of Diggers associating a primary group of mine workers since the Middle Ages. It was stored in a brotherhood’s chest or in a vault of Wieliczka church. It used to be taken out on the occasion of major celebration events, and worn suspended on a chain by a brotherhood master. The horn can be seen in the mining exhibition in Russegger V Chamber.

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