Exhibition: The Oldest, the Most Precious and the Most Interesting: from the Museum Archive

Until January 19, 2014, an exhibition entitled “The Oldest, the Most Precious, the Most Interesting: from the Museum Archive” can be viewed in the Saltworks Castle. This is a unique opportunity for becoming acquainted with the Museum collections which are stored in the archives on an every-day basis.

Special attention should be paid to the archives from the 15th century, royal documents, visitors’ books and an original seal with the city’s coat of arms.

Royal documents issued by Stefan Batory, Sigismund III, Vladislaus IV, Jan III Sobieski and August II make up a valuable collection.

The exhibition also features a document of 23.09.1631 of mayor and councilors of the city of Wieliczka with the only preserved seal presenting the coat of arms of the city pressed in red wax.

Visitors’ books of the Wieliczka Salt Mine are also exceptionally valuable. They were introduced in the 18th century by the Austrians and are still in use. They bear the signatures of Frederic Chopin, Ignacy Paderewski, Adam Stefan Sapieha, Karol Wojtyła, Stanisław Wojciechowski, Józef Piłsudski, Józef Haller, Alexander I, Eliza Orzeszkowa, Adam Asnyk, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Jan Matejko, Valentina Tereshkova and Dmitry Mendeleyev.

We encourage you to become acquainted with the newest exhibition, as it is one of the very few opportunities of seeing the valuable documents stored in the Museum archive.

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