Take a picture of salt and win 2000 $

Cracow Saltworks Museum in Wieliczka invites you to take part in a photography competition entitled “Salt Around the World in Photography”, which is a part of an international project of the same name including the exhibition and the publication.

The honorary patronage is exercised by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage and the Polish Tourist Organisation.

The aim of the project is to show the image of the salt around the world (NaCl): its origins, the richness of forms, shapes and colours. These places are characterized by different ambience, from the mysterious, dark interiors of mines, through salt works filled with steam of boiling brine, graduation towers, salt lakes with patches of white salt, as far as the coastal salt evaporation ponds brightened by the sun with typical pools and salt mounds. They add “flavour” to landscapes in which they are located, as salt gives flavour to food for all the people around the world.

The “Salt Around the World in Photography” competition is open to everyone over 18 looking for unusual and original places, and such are undoubtedly salt centres. Thanks to photographs, a unique portrait of the salt around the world will be created, the first one showing it in such a broad perspective and through the eyes of so many people, ambassadors of salt wealth. The main prize is 2,000 USD.

The closing date for photo entries is August 15, 2013. On September 2, works will be reviewed by the jury of renowned photographers: Pawel Pierscinski – Chairman, Inez Baturo, Czeslaw Czaplinski, Jan Zych and Arthur Grzybowski.

Announcement of the results and the opening of the “Salt Around the World in Photography” exhibition will take place on December 4, 2013 at the salt mine Museum at a depth of 135 m. The exhibition will be open to public in Wieliczka until March 31, 2014, and then it will be displayed abroad. The best photographs will be published in the album – the first publication that will show the salt in such a broad spatial perspective.

This is the second edition of the event – the first one entitled “Colours of Salt in Europe” was included in the cultural program of the Polish Presidency of the European Union. This photo exhibition was displayed in Germany and Bulgaria.

Contact:   m.bogucka@muzeum.wieliczka.pl ,  +48 12 289 16 27.

The competition is organized by: Cracow Saltworks Museum in Wieliczka


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