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The Hungarian-style horse mill

The Hungarian-style horse mill was the best machine for the vertical transportation of salt. It was able to lift loads that weighed over 2 tonnes from a depth greater than 300 m.

It was an improved version of the Saxon-style horse mill implemented by Austrians after the First Partition of Poland. Since 1861 it was replaced by steam engines and after 1913 by electrical machines.

The presented model reflects the original Hungarian-style horse mill that was used at level I of the Mirów shaft. The winding reel of the rope (diameter over 3 m) was placed on the vertical shaft and was divided into two parts by a brake-pulley. The pulling arms placed high made the manoeuvring of the four pairs of horses easier when there was a need to change direction. The two-shoe brake was activated by the system of wheelworks linked with wooden poles. The suspended structure supported the mechanisms of the brake and rollers of transporting ropes.

The Hungarian-style horse mill consists of a vertical driver shaft with a winding reel, a braking device, a device located directly over the shaft that enabled vertical transportation of salt, rollers for rope transportation, a shaft cover and four T-bars.

kierat węgierski, Muzeum Żup Krakowskich Wieliczka

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