Salt festival – June 9

To give life an extra touch of flavour, head for the Wieliczka Salt Festival. The Saltworks Castle courtyard will transform into a mediaeval town. You’ll be able to see not just how salt was obtained in mediaeval times, but for a moment also turn yourself into a merchant or a ropemaker.

In June 9 2019, the courtyard of the Saltworks Castle becomes a unique place. We play with salt, discover its history and present its uses. During the event, there are salt evaporation workshops and beer brewing workshops; there is also a rope making workshop and a smith’s workshop – without items produced in them, procurement of salt would have been impossible in the past. We also host representatives of former and present-day producers and distributors of salt and salt spas.

Children can participate in workshops where they make vessels out of salt dough, paint porcelain salt cellars or create a gigantic salt-cellar from clay. Young people are heartily invited to the salt cinema, meetings, concerts and exhibitions.