A splendid set

We have recently acquired a rococo spice set. It is an unmatched wonder among Polish collections.

An impressive spice set, from around 1765, a so-called plat-de-ménage, was made in a factory in Höchst. The set consists of a tall decoration to be placed in the centre of the table and four freestanding figurines (an allegory of the four seasons) with containers, whose distinguishing features are first-class porcelain and painting decorations.


This fantastically well-preserved porcelain set is regarded as one of the biggest of its kind, with the dimensions of 60x57x47 cm. It is a unique object that cannot be compared with other collections in Poland.


It has been purchased in Munich, in a renowned company specialising in trading with early European porcelain objects, contacted by the Museum representatives at The European Fine Art Fair in Maastricht in March 2017.

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