Exhibition: Władysław Skoczylas (1883-1934)

Between April 13 and June 12, 2016, an exhibition of works of Władysław Skoczylas, one of the most outstanding artists of the Second Republic of Poland, will be presented in the Saltworks Castle in Wieliczka.

Zbójnik tanczący, 1918, Władysław Skoczylas, Muzeum Żup Krakowskich WieliczkaThe exhibition presents the artist’s works from all areas of his artistic creativity: wood engraving, oil painting and watercolour painting, graphic art – also applied art, textiles, drawings, polychrome projects, documents and elements of graphic artist’s workshop, such as wood engraving blocks and metal sheets, sketchbooks. In total, around 200 works.

Presentation of selected works of Władysław Skoczylas is aimed at attracting the society’s and the specialists’ attention to this unique artist from the inter-war period. Władysław Skoczylas was one of the most popular artists during the time of the Second Republic of Poland, founder of the Polish wood engraving school, as well as a teacher, activist, organiser, publicist, high-rank state official, a one-man institution. He greatly contributed to the position accomplished by the Polish wood engraving around the world, including two editions of International Wood Engraving Exhibitions in Warsaw in 1933 and 1936.

Skoczylas enjoyed high position in artistic circles and in the awareness of the public already in his lifetime. The exhibition is going to remind people about the artist: a true patriot, a man of deeds and principles who always acted, sometimes against the odds, “for the benefit of Poland” in line with the slogan of “Zet” Polish Youth Association where he was a member.

The artist was born in Wieliczka in a family that has been related to the salt mine for generations. Cracow Saltworks Museum Wieliczka features the largest collection of Skoczylas’ works in Poland – over 400 items, including a very valuable collection of over three hundred drawings, encompassing sketches and studies to wood engravings which enjoyed great popularity.

The person of the great artist is presented in the catalogue prepared by Maryla Sitkowska with reproductions of all the known and available works of the artist.

The exhibition was prepared by the Cracow Saltworks Museum Wieliczka in cooperation with the Fine Art Academy from Warsaw and the Vistula Museum in Kazimierz Dolny where it was shown before.

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