Historical Department

The Historical Department realizes study, exhibit, and educational work associated with acquaintance and popularisation of the history of salt mining in Poland, as well as the history of the cities of Wieliczka and Bochnia and their residents. The work is source-based and is the effect of searching through the archive reserves of the Krakow as well as other government, church, or convent archives. For study needs, the department gathers document materials acquired from private citizens.

Study Work:

The currently conducted work concerns:

  • the history of the Convent of the Franciscan Reformers in Wieliczka
  • the social benefit system for miners of the Wieliczka salt works during the Austrian times
  • fate of the Wieliczka Jews

The department is conducting work associated with the pictorial guide of Krakow mineworkers.


prepared by the Deparment of History in 2008:

  • Krakow Mines – a royal company

Educational Activity

  • The unknown history of the Wieliczka Coat of Arms. Classes correlated with the elementary school history program

For the past five years, the Department of History prepares the annual nationwide museum field happening – the Salt Holiday