The Museum Archives has almost 4,500 volumes. These are documents, manuscripts and an extensive collection of documents regarding the operation of the Cracow Saltworks.

  • Documents: the oldest document is dated June 18, 1492 and refers to the sale of foremanship in Wieliczka. A precious collection is also the documents of Polish kings, including Sigismund, I, Sigismund Augustus, Stefan Batory, Vladislaus IV, Jan III Sobieski;
  • Manuscripts: Saltworks deeds (documents related with the operation of the salt mine between 1772 and 1918).

The Library has over 20,000 volumes. Among them, a collection of old prints (over 70 items) is particularly precious, as well as the book collection of the Saltworks Library, which was operated by the Saltworks in the 19th century and at the beginning of the 20th century and which contains approx. 2,000 volumes.

  • Old prints: the oldest is “Cosmography” by Sebastian Münster from 1564;
  • Book collection of the Saltworks Library;
  • Books and magazines on mining, history, archaeology, geology, art and ethnography.